Schlumberger Internship Experience

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I did my internship with Schlumberger for a period of 6 weeks. During this period, I had my first taste of corporate lifestyle and work ethics.

Beginning my internship journey

My internship started on 10th June with a one week induction program in Mumbai. As the name suggests, it aimed at providing the interns with a basic knowledge about the company’s ethics, values, work culture, operations, basic safety training etc. It was the most relaxed week of the entire summer internship period.. After a good induction week, I went to the Mumbai office first on 17th June. I had an interaction with a few people of my segment ‘Well Cementing Services’ on the first day and was given a module to read so as to understand the basic procedure and technicalities of cementing a well. The mentors and projects were assigned a couple of days later following which we were briefed about the objectives of our project. It was imperative for us to meet our project objectives at the end of the internship period.

Everything depends on the needs of organization

The project I was assigned was nowhere related to chemical engineering. I was to design the layout of the workshop and the yard of Nerul Base so as to increase the workplace efficiency and ensure safe working conditions for the crew. During the first few days, I didn’t understand things my mentor talked about. Plus I had to work without any supervision or mentoring from my crew members. I was never provided with a ‘do this-do that’ procedure and the bounds of the project were kept as open as possible so that I could use my innovation to design the best possible layout. My first half in the office was generally spent down in the yard working on the cementing units with the crew and after lunch I worked on my project. Working in the yard on cementing units was not an easy job. A lot of physical and mental strength was required to work in an intense environment with the crew.

Making it work

I worked for almost ten hours in the office six days a week and even at home most of my time went in reading modules, searching for related information online and learning about new equipments used in the field. I went to Barmer for a couple of days to learn about rig operations. During my internship I had to manage the diverse expectations of all the stakeholders involved. However, in the end I was able to complete my project and in fact do a bit extra as far as the original goals of the project were concerned. A presentation to the management was scheduled on the last day of the internship wherein I was to propose the design to them. The design was appreciated by everyone in the conference room and that ended a six week intense learning experience that I had while working with Schlumberger.

Is Schlumberger the place to be?

Doing internship with Schlumberger offers you an opportunity to learn and get an immense exposure to the oilfield industry. The internship program is very well planned and organized but again, it is useful only if you are willing to learn. It does not provide you a 9-5 office job but involves physical work in the field. Very often work life balance takes a backseat. Fat pay cheques is what you can always associate oilfield industry with. If you feel your dream profile includes the above mentioned aspects then Schlumberger is the place to be.

About the Author:

Ayush Agrawal is an undergraduate student in the Chemical Engineering Department of IIT Roorkee (Batch of 2014). 

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